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Linnic | THE MIST I.



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  • Product Description

      Specializing in synergizing nature and wellness, Linnic has created a facial mist and toner hybrid called The Mist I.  This aromatherapeutic blend leads with oils of lavender, neroli, and chamomile combined with soothing yarrow, glowing yucca, collagen-rich grapefruit, and vitamin C.

      The Mist I. is clarifying, collagen-rich, anti-bacterial and centering. It also brightens and moisturizes the skin. This product may be used multiple times throughout the day to tone your skin and re-center.  Spray the product in the palm of your hand before applying to your face and inhale the fresh soothing fragrance.

      Great for most skin types.

      50ml - 1.69oz bottle

      Key Ingredients: Yarrow, Astragalus, Yucca, Vitamin C, Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood, Chamomile