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      The word 'doux' means soft in French.  Give someone you love a touch of softness and tender-loving care during this holiday season.  Gift set comes in a canvas SANCTUAIRE bag. 


      Brown and Coconut - Healing Kale Mask 

      There is healing power in nature.  This from-the-earth kale mask is a healing blend of plants and herbs that help to remedy skin blemishes and imbalances.  Kale is a wonderful source of Vitamin A which repairs and hydrates.  Blended with French green clay, lemon verbena, neem, thyme, and honeysuckle, these natural ingredients fight acne and soothe irritation - revealing calmer and clearer skin.


      Bum Cake - Calm Candle

      This candle is both unique and attention-grabbing.  After the wick burns down entirely, the shell can be used as a jewelry dish or a catch tray.  

      Made with organic Lavender Mailette oil from France, Palo Santo oil from Ecuador, and a blend of other organic essential oils. Promotes serenity, tranquility, and purification. Nice for stress relief.

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