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      Remember the saying, "you are what you eat?"  Turns out it is true.  Both kale and avocados are incredibly nutrient-rich and packed with anti-oxidants.  This Vivant Gift Set will have your skin glowing for sure.  Gift set comes in a canvas SANCTUAIRE bag. 

      Brown and Coconut - Healing Kale Mask 

      There is healing power in nature.  This from-the-earth kale mask is a healing blend of plants and herbs that help to remedy skin blemishes and imbalances.  Kale is a wonderful source of Vitamin A which repairs and hydrates.  Blended with French green clay, lemon verbena, neem, thyme, and honeysuckle, these natural ingredients fight acne and soothe irritation - revealing calmer and clearer skin.


      Narloa - Avocado Face Oil 

      This oil is guaranteed to provide maximum moisture to improve rough and flaking skin with its high Omega 3, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and potassium content.  In addition to avocado, this smoothing face oil's key ingredient is olive squalane a notable hydrator that is great for  softening the complexion and providing hydration to sensitive skin.