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Fragrance-Fueled Wellness

Embark on a journey where fragrance and wellness converge

The Plage Noire Collection

Presented in recognition and tribute to Black beachfront communities across the United States. Through this fragrance collection, we aim to capture the essence of these beach communities - the Joy, Resistance, Peace, Resilience, and Rest that are so vital to America’s past and present story.

Our Mission

SANCTUAIRE, the French word for sanctuary, is a place of refuge and consecration for the mind, body, and soul—a holy place. As a lifestyle brand, we aim to foster happier, healthier lives through thoughtfully created products and experiences. Your wholeness starts here.

Elevate your candle experience

Beeswax is the healthiest and cleanest burning wax that purifies the air, neutralizes odors, and improves air quality while it burns

Wellness Redefined with the Power of Fragrance

Harmonize your mind and space

Beeswax candles invigorate the body, positively affect your mood, energy and health while the golden flame provides peace and calm